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Best Gifts for Music Lovers Especially your Young Ones

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a music lover or musician in your life? Finding the right gift for these people can be hard. These individuals have very unique tastes – they know exactly what they need and can write a whole book detailing why they need it. So you need to invest time and a lot of effort towards choosing something that meets their needs and fits their personality. Fortunately, we’ve made your work easier by preparing a list of thoughtful, absolutely original gifts that any music lover would be pleased to receive.

A kid playing piano

1. A Portable Thumb Piano

Let them practice or play the piano when they are on the move with this portable thumb piano. This gadget is perfect for all skill levels. Beginners, professionals, and those in-between can sharpen their skills with this mini piano. A tuning hammer and an easy-to-follow instruction guide are included to make things easier and fun. You can even get them a MIDI controller that they can connect to their computer and integrate the right software to create lovely, original, and premium professional music.

 2. POW Expandable Travel Speaker

Sometimes your music lover wants to keep the headphone away and share the vibes, instead. This lightweight and portable travel speaker will be an excellent choice for such a task. It can be attached to a smartphone when collapsed or expanded.

3. A Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Allow them to sing along to their favorite songs in the shower by gifting them this shower speaker. This waterproof speaker features a suction cup at the back, which enables it to fasten on the wall or tightly attach on a shower caddy.

4. Pocket DJ Mixer

Allow them to transform their iPad into a complete entertainment system with this portable sound mixer. Versatile and user-friendly, this pocket mixer requires no power source – they can just hook it up to the iPad or phone and play their favorite tunes right away.

A girl plaing with Ukulele

5. Smart Ukulele

This smart ukulele will get your music lovers strumming their favorite tunes in no time. With Bluetooth connectivity and the included app, they can select the cords or full songs and play along on the fretboard. The app allows them to record themselves and amaze their friends with their skills. If your budget is flexible, you can also get them a MIDI controller for better recording experience.

6. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Does your partner or friend require music to sleep? These sleep headphones will be a perfect gift for them. They cover the eyes while delivering soothing, changeable sound via memory foam ear pads.

7. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Music lovers who want to host their own karaoke nights will appreciate what this Bluetooth karaoke microphone has to offer. They can connect to their phone using Bluetooth. With a single charge, this microphone can last up to eight hours.

8. Audio Technica Turntable System

If you’re confident this musician or music lover in your life doesn’t have a turntable, you can hook them up with the Audio Technica Turntable System. This beginner turntable is extremely easy to use and competitively priced. Its tonearm is properly weighted, which keeps your vinyl in perfect condition.

9. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Let this person enjoy an uninterrupted music-listening experience on their phone with this portable charger. These charges are an ideal choice for those who like listening to music while traveling, while at home through their sound systems, or even at the gym. Even musicians or music lovers who go to lots of music concerts and festivals will find these portable charges useful. Above all, these chargers are pocket-sized and keep a phone on up to 34 hours.

10. The AudioQuest Headphone Amplifier

This headphone amplifier is a perfect gift for any audiophile on the move. It will modify the audio coming from the phone or laptop to make it sound better on any decent headphone. With this amplifier, music from YouTube, Spotify, or MP3s will sound exactly how it’s designed.

Guitar shaped utensilis

11. Guitar-Shaped Cooking Utensil Set

Does this person love both guitar and cooking? If so, this guitar-shaped cooking utensil set will be a thoughtful gift. It consists of a fork, a spoon, and two spatulas.

Finding the perfect gifts for a musician or a music lover in your life means doing some research to know more about that person. Consider their style and how they relate to music, and then look for something that actually has meaning. The above 11 gifts are a good place to start.

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