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Children’s Dream Came Alive via 2G Hybrid Watchphone with Full Parental Control

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Proudly presenting to you our ‘newborn’ D2 to our myFirst family.

Living in the age of the evolvement of tech-savvy and wearable devices is great. Meanwhile, we live in a time where we face the risk of potential threats in unexpected places. This is especially relevant to children and at the times when they are left alone. Parents are able to track their children’s location in real-time and even make phone calls in an emergency.

I do agree, a contemporary smartwatch which is extremely costly whereby not all children can own it. But no worries, here we bring the myFirst Fone D2 to your sight. Parents can purchase this at the most affordable price and stay connected with your child while they are not at home.

myFirst Fone D2-2G Hybrid Watchphone

myFirst Fone D2 works perfectly as a smartwatch. It is the best way to keep the child stay connected with their parents with the support of 2G GSM networks in over 100 countries. Despite any situation, parents will not lose connection with your child. It is totally assured. Download myFirst Fone mobile app (available in Google Play & Play Store) and pair up the watchphone in your device. Parents are able to keep track of their child activities from time to time. Any case of emergencies? Just one touch of SOS, parents will receive an emergency location alert with a live recording of the surrounding sounds.

On the other hand, parents can submerge themselves in the environment of their child by hearing the sound of their surroundings in real-time without any notifications on the D2. Let your child feel your presence around them while parents will feel safer about their child’s whereabouts. Children can use this watchphone exactly as how they converse in real-time through voice call just like a regular phone.

Our watchphone is a safe phone too! Your child’s myFirst Fone D2 will able to receive phone calls from the registered number and parents can choose to block unauthorized number through the app. Not missing the fact, your children are able to add their friends by pairing their D2 watches. Children can stay connected with their friends while having fun together.  

myFirst Fone D2 Launching

So, what’s your idea of using watchphones? Do you have any? And what about your child? As this is our first product launch of the year 2020, you can save extra cash and enjoy a consistent connection throughout the year. We are giving out the promotion price to you here itself!


First 100 orders entitled for 60% off
Buy before 29.2.2020
Second 100 orders entitled for 30% off
Buy before 7.3.2020
Third 100 orders entitled for 10% off
Buy before 14.3.2020


CLICK THE LINK HERE to purchase >> myFirst Fone D2

Just hit our promotion price in our store. For our Malaysian fans, D2 is on sale at Lazada Malaysia. Grab this opportunity to get one for your child. You will never get a better offer than this. Do not miss out this great chance! 

*We are sorry to say that myFirst Fone D2 is only available in countries that support 2G GSM network. D2 is NOT available in USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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