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COVID-19 Has a Great Impact on Media Consumption

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The whole world has been forbidden from mass gathering and advises everyone to stay at your own home due to COVID-19. As a result of these MCO, media consumption has boomed in order to keep us entertained while staying safe indoors. Nowadays, consumption is not the same across generations and the type of media we're consuming hints at generational culture gaps.

During this pandemic, it’s very common that people around the globe are consuming quite a number of media. Based on the Global Web Index report, people have increased their media consumption due to COVID 19 and let’s ponder on how this media consumption takes place in each generation.

Media Consumption Gen Z

Media Consumption Millennial

Media Consumption Gen X

Media Consumption Boomer

Global Web Index discovered that more than 80% of consumers are consuming more content since this pandemic with online videos and news such as (YouTube, BBC Channel) are being the major mediums across all generations and genders.  Meanwhile, Gen Zers have a better plan during this MCO as they have infused their mind and soul in listening to music rather than searching for worthwhile news. 

Overall, younger generations are more into entertaining themselves by playing games on their mobile or PS4 while millennials are known as a foodie generation, as they are more into searching cooking and baking recipes or reading up on healthy diet and exercises. 

It is important to stay abreast of COVID 19 updates, yet a positive mindset will help everyone to cope their days till this pandemic is over. It is a fact that each and every generation relies on their devices during this pandemic to be informed and entertained more than ever before while this media consumption by all of us has created a huge opportunity for media companies to engage an enthral audience.

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