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 July 7  2022

🔥Hefty Storewide Sales in Honor Of
Amazon Prime Day Sales 2022🔥

Are you parents of a child that loves to explore? Or perhaps a guardian to a kid that’s rearing to see the world? Then you certainly know that as technology improves, the limits of imagination in a child’s mind expand vastly. 

Today, it’s necessary that your children keep up with the timeless. Sometimes, it can wreak havoc on your wallet. But worry not! There’s a sale going on right now that you can’t pass up.  In honor of Amazon Prime Day Sales, OAXIS Online Store is bringing you amazing deals from 8-13 July 2022. Or head straight to our Amazon store and enjoy the slashed prices for 2 days only! (From 12-13 July 2022)


Great gift ideas for Kids! myFirst Camera Insta 

The myFirst Camera series is perfect for those kids who love to capture their experiences along with time. The kid-friendly camera is a great product to help your child bring out their artistic wonders. On purchasing any myFirst Camera Insta Wi or Insta 2, get one myFirst Thermal Stickers FREE. This deal saves you $9.90!

Time Limited Bundle Deals on  myFirst Fone R1

If you’re constantly worried about the whereabouts of your kids, getting them myFirst Fone R1 should be your next choice. 
 MyFirst Fone R1 is a smart watch that allows you to stay in contact with your kids at all times. It supports audio and visual calls and an option for a GPS Tracking system to keep your mind at ease. No doubt, it would be a good investment for your child.

Purchase the myFirst Fone R1, along with the Screen Protector, at discounted price of $169!

Fitness first with OAXIS ! 

Check the exclusive deals on OmniBand+ , Tenvis HR & Omniwatch! OAXIS has some top-quality fitness tracker bands available in the sale now! These fitness trackers are sure to help out in your workout regime. 

myFirst 3dPen Make - 3dPen starter kits for kids

 Add-on Deals!

1. Storewide products are up to 75% off. 
2. Using Code: OAXISPRIME an extra $12 off on purchases above $99.  
3.Free shipping on all orders above $120. 

Terms of Service:
1.Promotional period is from July 8, 2022, to July 13, 2022. Promotions are available on shop.oaxis.com only. 
2.The thirty (30) days warranty is covered for the products purchased from the promotional campaigns. 
3.Strictly NO RETURN/NO REFUND policy for products purchased during the promotional campaign.  
4. Voucher code is not applicable for myFirst Fone R1s.
5.Free Shipping is available for selected countries/regions only.
6.OAXIS can modify the promotional Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice.