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InkCase Super Awesome Deal!

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InkCase Promo Deal

Hi Oaxis! This week we’d like to show you our Inkcase phone cases for iPhone. Personalise your phone with InkCase. All you have to do is select the photo that you want, and it stays on the screen on the back of the case. Keep a photo of your loved ones, your favourite band or your pet.

Using E-ink, the same pigments used in the printing industry coupled with a micro-capsule charge can maintain the image without using power! Once an image is set, it consumes no battery for as long as it is displayed. Minimal battery is consumed only when the screen is refreshed. Choose your favorite photo and have it displayed for months. InkCase for iPhone delivers beautiful crystal sharp text (480x800) resolution for a clear reading experience. That's some awesome technology right there!


InkCase IVY

inkcase ivy

The InkCase Ivy was created to merge the essence of style and poise with versatility. Now you can get more out of your iPhone with InkCase. Using half of the back of the case, you can customize your display to show your to-do-list, set up reminders, and receive notifications. You could also keep barcodes, access codes and QR codes on your InkCase IVY. This means that scanning vouchers and checking-in at the airport is much easier with InkCase. Next to the screen is a simple aesthetic design curated and produced by our creative designer. It's a must-have item if you like simplistic art and practical applications.


InkCase Pix

The InkCase Pix is a case with a fullscreen touch screen at the back of the case. Choose your favorite photo and have it displayed for months! You could also organise your calendar, use a clock widget or even as a full E-book. Anti-glare technology allows for a lovely reading time at the beach or park. Together with the Pocket app, create a seamless experience for the Read-It-Later function. Your curated articles and news can be synced automatically for your viewing pleasure.

All Inkcase cases are shockproof and waterproof thanks to our military-grade AirBubble technology that will absorb drops and shocks and redistribute them evenly without affecting the phone. The screen on the cases is anti-scratch so you can be assured of a quality case that will keep your iPhone safe while adding a touch of personality to your device.
Now that you know about Inkcase, here’s the deal. Use the code " INKCASE30 " and get a 30% discount on any InkCase products.
It's that simple! Don't miss out, get your iPhones customised and optimised with InkCase here

P/s:- The InkCase is only made for the iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 /6 plus / 7 plus / 8.

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