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Let's Keep You and Your Kids Busy During COVID-19

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Working from home is super great as you don’t need to drive down to your workplace, saves money and time can make you really happy especially during the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO). Yet, parents do face difficulties in juggling with their work and kids. But no worries, we are here to share some family-friendly activities do be done indoor to keep boredom at the bay. Here are the top 5 ideas to keep you and your kids entertained at home. 

  • Parents and kids, please put away your gadgets and spread off those board games that you’ve kept them in the dust till now. Such board games are built to bring people together in their own homes, for now, and foster unity and love. Through these board games, you are able to enhance your ability and thinking skills to win those challenges that you face in each game.
  • Now is the time to show off your culinary skills in your Instagram world. Now the Instagram is flooded with food and meal pictures. Such a foodgasm feed! Through this journey, you and your kids are able to bring out the skills, creativity and personality in equal measure to create unforgettable food experiences for everyone.

A kid cooking in kitchen

  • Rise early and sweat out before you start your day. There is an abundance of workouts one can do at home to keep your body fit. Do check out for the latest exercises on Youtube and enjoy your exercise routine with your family members. You can even do a quick exercises routine at any moment by stretching and strengthening your body!
  • Parents, you may take some intervals during your work and help your children to do their homework. Kids can’t play all day long and unproductive, hence they need to do some revision on their syllabus as they won’t miss out anything during or after MCO. Grab this moment and spend your quality time with going through with their homework. Through this, you may discover your child’s capability and understanding of each of the subjects.

A kid is studying

  • Last but not least, engage your family members to keep connected with friends and family whom you can’t meet during MCO.  Although you are unable to meet your loved ones, catch them up all in your screen. Get hold of everyone on a video call and share the latest gossips without limits!

    Overall, let’s stay connected with our kids and stay safe in-home and continue our work from home as usual in order to curb COVID-19.

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