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Powerful Ways to Teach Kids About Climate Change

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Climate change is a bulk topic that can be difficult even for adults to fathom. We all want a better world to live in, and anyone annoyed enough by climate change must make efforts however small to mitigate the situation. In that, we want our kids to follow suit in creating a better world for all of us. We must then teach them about climate change in practical ways that will inspire them to take initiative in preventing further damage to Mother Nature. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few pointers.

1. Adapt eco-friendly habits at home

A good place to start teaching kids about climate change is at home, where you can make eco-friendly habits that help save the environment. Tell them that plastic doesn’t decompose, and burning it releases harmful gases to the environment. Tell them that recycling helps in preventing the plastic from destroying the environment. This will teach them how to classify household waste from an early age.

Explain to them that fuel used to generate electricity is bad for the environment, but using it efficiently can significantly reduce the effects. Encourage them to put lights and power off appliances when not in use. In addition, you can walk them to school, or shop locally to reduce the amount of air pollution that cars cause.

2. Start clean farming

Adding to eco-friendly practices at home, you can start planting your own vegetable garden at home in a controlled environment. We all know that climate change has significantly affected the food supply. Dry seasons are extended, and when the rain comes, it is too much that it ends up destroying crops. Foods in the market are no longer organic as so much fertilizer and pesticides are used in growing them.

Farming by Kids
Start an indoor vegetable garden at home using LED grow light as the source of lighting. LED grow lights are made specifically for indoor planting. They have all the spectrums of the sun that a crop requires to grow.

Besides having a constant supply of organic food at home, you will be teaching your kids a clean method of growing crops.

3. Show them age-appropriate videos

Videos have a way of capturing children’s attention, and they quickly learn from them. It’s no wonder they are quick to copy the habits of people they see in the media. While it is good to allow them to indulge in their favorite cartoon shows, let them watch educative videos from time to time.

For instance, YouTube is filled with age-appropriate content teaching on climate change. The videos explain the effects of climate change in simple illustrations that the kids understand. Allow them to learn some eco-friendly activities that they can engage in their day to day lives.

4. Gift them a membership card to a local nature center

Nature centers and natural history museum poses a great environment to teach kids about climate change. Here, you will find the right information that kids can pick in the most memorable way. Most of these centers package teachings in a fun and engaging ways. Some will have films, storytelling, and lecture sessions appropriate for kids’ understanding. Others host nature fairs and hikes that go a long way in teaching kids about nature and environmental conservation.

Allowing your kids to have a membership to a local nature museum gives them a sense of belonging. They will feel obliged to pick up the fight against environmental pollution at heart. They will learn the real facts about climate change, protecting them from scary, faux information that can misinform them.

Kids Clean Up The Beach5. Participate in cleanup projects

Kids like to see evidence to understand exactly what bad practices such as dumping plastics can do to our surroundings. Tag your children along for a beach cleanup the next time there is one in your neighborhood. Allow them to pick trash and put it in designated trash bags. Just seeing huge bags filled with non-degradable waste will be enough to draw a picture in their mind of the effect they can have on sea life.

The climate change topic can be overwhelming for kids, but with creative and fun strategies, you can be able to pass the message across. The good thing is that kids learn very fast and their minds retain information taught in simple ways. Be the number one environment ambassador and practice what you preach consistently. You will be surprised how eager your kids will be in alleviating the effects of climate change

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