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This Christmas, the Best 2021 Tech Gifts for Gadget Geeks

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone — but there is still time to outdo yourself with Christmas holiday gifting. If you're in the middle of planning out all your Christmas shopping, you've come to the right place. Thanks to online ordering, getting Christmas gifts for the holidays is easier than ever.

From affordable gadgets to tech toys for kids, our lists feature the best presents for every gadget fan for this Christmas. If anything catches your eyes, grab it quickly to avoid any disappointment between you and your loved ones.  Without further ado, let’s jump in!


myFirst Camera Insta 2 best camera for kids

myFirst Camera Insta 2

The myFirst Camera Insta 2 has received the Gold award for Best Tech Toy and also Best Imaginary World Toy! With instant printing features, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 has proved to be one of the favourite tech toys among dads to capture and collect memories, well, as the name goes, almost instantly! With preloaded fun filters and a 12MP lens, children are able to snap fun and lively images with this amazing camera making it the toy sought after for your kid’s wonderful imaginary world in this Christmas season. This kids instant camera will be the best Christmas gifts for your little ones.

myFirst Fone R1 watch phone for kids with GPS tracker and video call

myFirst Fone R1

The first-round shape 4G LTE Music Smartwatch Phone specially designed for Next-gen Kids and it will be the best Christmas present for your kids. Discover the amazing all-in-one device, a combination of phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS tracker and fitness tracker. Dadsnet had given our myFirst Fone R1 a silver award. For its functionality in geo-fencing and keeping your children safe, the myFirst Fone R1 was named Best Tech Toy and Best Outdoor Toy. With GFK approval as Singapore's No.1 Watchphone Brand, the myFirst Fone R1 is undeniably practical and trustworthy; the myFirst Fone R1 is the device that all parents prefer! Please keep in mind that this watch is not yet compatible for use in the United States. If you are keen on getting a watchphone, you may purchase myFirst Fone S2 right in our store too.



Omniband+ is designed for maximum functions with minimum hassles. It fits active personnel of all ages. Track essential information with a sharp display screen and have a deeper understanding of your daily activities. The OAXIS Fitness Trackers are also on an amazing BUY 1 FREE 1 deal as a Xmas gift! Grab this chance to purchase the ideal gadget for your friends and family to start living the healthy lifestyle in this Christmas season! 



InkCase Plus (For iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6s Plus, 6 Plus only)

Transform your iPhone experience with InkCase. It’s a protective case for your iPhone that incorporates an E Ink display, so once fitted to your iPhone, there’s a screen on the front and back of the device. It has its own battery inside, so it won’t suck power from the phone, and in theory reduces power consumption by letting you read books and articles without using the iPhone’s screen. Take it outside in the sunlight, and you won’t believe how easy it is to read on your second screen. Forget the beach, you could sit in the middle of a solar panel array and not have any trouble reading the latest chapter of your favourite book. We bet you, this is an awesome Christmas gift you may give to your friends or family. 



Tempted to grab these items now? On 7th December, we’ll start our very own Christmas sales by giving up to 80% discounts on all Oaxis myFirst products! If you do purchase 3 items or more in a single receipt, we’ll throw in an additional 10% off the two lowest-priced items with our special code < XMASOAXIS > And the best part of all, if you do purchase above $120, we’ll give you free shipping!

Oaxis myFirst Christmas Promotion

So, head on down to our online shop here and enjoy purchasing Oaxis myFirst products on this Christmas Sale! Do check out our latest edition products, including the myFirst Camera Insta Wi, and Oaxis Gift Cards. You may spend money on these items simply to make your loved ones happy. You DO NOT want to miss out in these extravagant deals now.



Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotion is valid from 7-25 December 2021 for our official online store.
  2. Promo code is applicable for all products except for myFirst Camera Insta Wi & all of myFirst Fone R1 Accessories.
  3. Promo code will be applied to the lowest priced items of the total order at the end of the checkout page.
  4. Promo code is limited to ONE(1) use per customer.
  5. Only ONE(1) promo code allow to add to the checkout page.
  6. Products purchased during a promotion campaign will be covered under a THIRTY (30) DAYS Warranty only.
  7. Strictly NO RETURN/REFUND.
  8. Free Shipping is available for selected countries/regions only.

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