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Train Your Kids Brain To Be Efficient During the Lockdown

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It is true indeed that COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle and may require us to take more purposeful actions to exercise our thinking skills. If the adults tend to forget some skills during this lockdown, then kids aren’t exceptional in this situation.

Based on research, scientists have discovered that our memory and thinking skills are stronger in people who routinely engage in cognitive activities like education or learning new skills and the chances to build our cognitive challenges are on during our work, schooling or involvement in social activities. Hence, parents, you should always keep your kids involved in some educational indoor activities in order to keep their mind sharp. Some of those activities could enhance parents' cognitive activities too.

Reinforce the Old Skills

Your child's mastery of fine-motor skills will allow them for greater independence. Let your child perform important everyday tasks, such as making their bed, do their own breakfast and clean their tables after their meal. These kinds of skills will help them to learn and explore new things in their daily life and prepare them for their future. The best way for you to help promote their fine motor skills is to provide your children with a wide range of materials to play well with their flow of imagination and creativity.

Child taking breakfasr

Learn to Match Alphabets

You can join and do this activity together with your young kids. According to research, alphabet matching is a great brain exercise for younger children as their brain, eyes and hands work simultaneously while they try to match those alphabets according to the placement. Hence, this kind of activity can enhance and boost your children’s memory with no doubt!

Do Write Stories and Learn Storytelling

Writing stories and reading them out makes wonder into a child’s life. Give your child a timeline to narrate their own storyline, and ask them to story it out with full of emotions and imagination which can help them to boost their confidence level. You may even ask them to create their own play with their own story and through this, you may discover what talent your kid has within them. Isn’t it a great idea?

Child and mother reading book

Play Some Board Games

Do you know board games are very good enough to benefit our brain, boost our language development, and teach us little life lessons? While your kids get benefits out of this special family time, they also stand a chance to learn how to be patient, how to win and lose gracefully and most importantly how to work as a team. This will be a great learning skill to adapt as your kids might not be learning this in school. If parents will be involved, look for more complex board games and team up with your kids for more involvement.

However it is, any activity that you think can enhance and sharpen your kids' mind, please practice with them as soon as possible. Kids tend to forget their skills if we didn't brush them up. Once all the lockdown is over, our usual routine will start over and we might not be able to spend our precious time with our young ones. So enjoy the extended days with your loved ones will we can!

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