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You wont believe these mind blowing deals! Top picks from our 11.11 Mega Sale!

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11.11 promotion
Hi Oaxis & myFirst Family! We're super pumped to announce our 11.11 mega sale! We want you to be able to get our products with some great deals. That's right, we've got some great deals for you, your kid, even the whole family! So don't hesitate, check our deals at here.
Since you're reading this, we've compiled the top 6 items from myFirst and Oaxis you defo need to get for your child and for yourself. You're welcome!

1. myFirst Fone S2

myFirst Watch S2 11.11 Promotion
Coming in at the top spot is our myFirst Fone S2. Our S2 smartwatch was designed to give your child a mature but fun learning experience whilst giving parents peace of mind with our GPS system.The S2 comes with a front camera so you can entertain a video call with your child. S2 works just like a regular smartphone, with added security. With the myFirst Fone app, parents can track the whereabouts of their kid and also set Geo-fencing protocols to receive alerts when their child has moved out of the preset are. Also we've built in an S.O.S button on the S2 so if your child is ever in distress, you'll know immediately. The S.O.S button also discreetly records 30sec of voice so parents will be updated on the actual situation.  Also with our care call, parents can also listen in on the kids activities without alerting the kids and the app is IOS and Android compatible, so you can definitely find it in in Google Play Store and Apple's app store . A must have for your child!

2. myFirst Sketch Pro

myFirst Sketch Pro 11.11 Promo
Next on our list is the Sketch Pro. A new product from myFirst, we've chosen to elevate the boundaries from merely a child's product to a family assimilated product. Take notes, diagrams or even just a simple doodle,  the sketch pro can handle all. Its an all-round family must-have! In addition to our one clear-all button, our built-in Sketch Pro Pen comes with an eraser on the end of it. Press the partial erase button, simply turn the pen over to the rubber end, and softly erase. Then hit the return button to continue your work. It's that simple! The lock screen button on the Sketch Pro allows your kids to keep what they've drawn without accidental marks or erases. This also helps in memory retention for your child. We've also added a replacement stylus as well as a pen-sized stylus for better comfort and grip while writing. Great for writing down mum's shopping list!. So that's a total of 3 styluses with your Sketch Pro. Plus we are giving a free anti-friction leather case to go with it. So get yours ASAP! 

3. myFirst Camera 3

myFirst Camera 3 Promo
The myFirst Camera 3 is a step up from the previous model. With our 16MP camera, you're assured of quality, high pixel images, HD photos, and videos. In addition, we've also fitted the camera with a selfie and macro lens. Now with the selfie lens above the IPS screen, taking selfies is a breeze! The macro lens takes amazing close-ups. Perfect for that ladybug among the leaves! Simply press the lens selector button and toggle between the lenses. Taking pictures made easy! Supporting up to 32GB microSD cards, you can be sure you and your child will take plenty of photos and videos, anytime, anywhere. With the led flash built-in, your child can take pictures in low light without being blinded by the conventional flash. Safety is our guarantee. The Camera 3 also comes with pre-loaded frames to give your child insta-like photos! Your kid will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out the right frame for that perfect picture. We're also throwing in a shockproof pouch. The pouch is made of high tensile strength silicone which resists drops, knocks, and bumps. You really need to get your hands on this!

Now that we've shown our top range for kids, here's our top 3 picks of Oaxis products for you, the missus and the family. You won't want to miss out on them!

1. OmniWatch

Oaxis Omniwatch 11.11 promo
This one's for you fitness lovers. Our OmniWatch combines the symbol of prestige with the passion of fitness into a simple wristwatch. Its versatility makes it the watch you never want to take off. One of the main features of the Omni is the 24/7 heartbeat monitor with heart rate trends. This allows you to keep a record of your BPM, which will definitely help when you're taking your annual physical. Along with the heart monitor, the Omni is fitted with a pedometer to track your steps. You can also set fitness plans based on the data the Omni provides with its alert system. It's that handy! With Bluetooth, you can change your workout playlist while jogging and running. Use the GPS function to record your running track and distance.  Plan your fitness now, with OmniWatch!

2. TimePiece 

Timepiece 11.11 promo
Combining Swiss luxury and smartwatch technology, TimePiece by Oaxis gives you that timeless luxury feel whilst giving you a healthy outlook. TimePiece is a classic analogue watch fitted with a heart rate monitor, pedometer and a gyrometer. This means that you can track your fitness level discreetly without prying eyes. Perfect for your corporate profession! The gyrometer works to monitor your sleeping habits. The information will be displayed on the 0.42 LED screen just below the dial. It can also display notifications as well. Just pair it with the Time Piece app and you're good to go. We'd recommend this TImePiece to you who want a balance of luxury and fitness. Get one now!

3. Inkcase

inkcase 11.11 promo
Personalize your phone with our InkCase Pix. All you have to do is select the photo that you want,and it stays on screen at the back of the case. Keep a photo of your loved ones, your favourite band or your pet. Using E-ink, the same pigments used in the printing industry coupled with a micro-capsule charge, you can maintain the image without using power! It only consumes power when you change the picture or refresh the screen. That's some awesome technology right there! Also the case is shockproof, and the screen on the case is anti-scratch so you can be assured of a quality case that will keep your iPhone safe while adding a touch of personality to your device. Inkcase, making your iPhone memorable.
P/s:- The Inkcase is only made for the iPhone 6 to iPhone8. 

Now that we've shown you these items, let's make this deal even sweeter. For every 3 items or more purchased in a single receipt, we're giving a 50% discount(automatically applied) on your total!
If you purchase 2 items in a single receipt, that's 40% off on your total and for every single purchase you make, its 30% off! Also with every purchase of USD 111.00, we'll give you free shipping! So you need to head on to https://shop.oaxis.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter%20email&utm_campaign=double11_promo and get your discounts from now until the 11.11.2019. Use these promo codes; B2G40(40%) and B1G30(30%) to get these mind-blowing discounts!

Also if you're in Singapore, we've got some amazing prices on our products at Lazada Singapore. So checkout those deals as well. We hope you'll get some great products for yourself, your child and the family.
Oaxis & myFirst
11.11 myFirst Oaxis Promotion

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