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InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus
InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus
InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus
InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus
InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus
InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus


InkCase for iPhone 8/7 Plus and 6s/6 Plus

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 Transform your iPhone experience with InkCase

Introducing InkCase for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Plus

InkCase i7 Plus phone case for iPhone 7 Plus

This case adds an E Ink Second Screen to your iPhone

InkCase i7 Plus phone case for iPhone 7 Plus


Waterproof Case
Drop-proof with BubblePro Technology 
5.2" E Ink Screen
Wireless Connectivity
5 Days Battery Life
Ultra Light @ 2.8oz / 80g
Ultra Thin @ 0.17" / 4.5mm


    Selfie Assistance
    eReader for eBooks
    Customizable Photo Wallpaper
    Live Information Widgets
    Offline News Articles
    Transfer photos wirelessly
    inkcase i7 plus  with wallpaper of man with long beard
    You can now store up to 10 photos in the InkCase i7 Plus and change them whenever. Display photos of your loved ones. 

    Large 5.2" E Ink Carta 1.2 screen for ultra high contrast reading

    inkcase i7 plus and inkcase i7 screen size . comparison
    Carta 1.2 is the best E Ink screen technology in the market. Black appears darker and white whiter. 

    The perfect palm-sized ebook e-reader

    woman holding onto an inkcase i7 plus reading
    Palm-sized reading experience allows you to read anywhere. InkCase i7 Plus strikes the perfect balance between pocketability and usability with a large 5.2″ screen for your ebooks. It fits snugly into your palm for easy reading during your daily commute on the bus and subway.

    Send ebooks wirelessly from your iPhone

    save ebooks to read with inkcase i7 plus
    Save hundreds of ebooks on your InkCase i7 Plus. Supports both .epub and .txt file formats.

    Supports all languages for e-reading

    read in japanese and multiple languages with inkcase i7 plus
    We have added the fonts and language packs for all languages in the world! Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.

    eBook support and management

    We recommend using calibre eBook library manager. A freeware for managing and converting eBooks formats for use in InkCase. Download calibre.

    Waterproof? Shock resistant? We got you

    features of inkcase i7 plus
    features of inkcase i7 plus

    Selfie assistance using your back camera for the best photo quality

    taking a photo or selfie with inkcase i7 plus
    Real-time selfie assistance on the InkCase i7 Plus helps you stay in the frame while using the back camera.

    Waterproof InkCase for seasons where you can read by the beach. Or even a hot tub!

    inkcase i7 plus submerged in water
    Certified with an IP67 rating means it is protected from water, dust, dirt, and sand.

    Drop-proof protection for iPhone

    InkCase i7 iPhone 7 phone case E Ink reader
    Patented BubblePro technology absorbs shock impacts. Certified with Military Standards Drop Tests MIL-STD-810.

    Shock absorbing case for absolute protection on your iPhone

    bubblepro drop test demonstration
    InkCase i7 Plus is among the best protective cases in the market offering military standard drop protection. Using the latest BubblePro Technology, thousands of Micro Weave locks together to reinforce the case rigidity. Energy from an impact is absorbed by the Micro Weaves and spread across the entire outer case. Giving you a complete peace of mind.

    Anti-glare screen. Usable even under extreme conditions 

    lady on the beach using the inkcase i7 plus with iphone
    Anti-glare reading by the beach. Smartphone struggles under direct sunlight even with brightness set to the maximum, InkCase i7 Plus's specially formulated anti-glare screen absorb the sun rays and reduce reflections. You can now read a book by the beach! 

    Anti-scratch screen 

    wallpaper of sexy woman on the inkcase i7 plus
    9H anti-scratch screen on the InkCase i7 Plus. The 9H hardness protective coating is applied on the E Ink screen to enhance the durability of the InkCase i7 Plus. Stay focused on what's important and leave the nitty-gritty to us. 

    Smart magnetic charging port

    gif to demonstrate the magnetic charging cable for inkcase i7 plus
    Easy charging mechanism which is guided by the magnets. We sourced for super strong magnets to help you quickly attach the charging port. It is the little details that count.

    Live Information Center

    woman holding onto the inkcase i7 plus showing the live information center
    Calendars, Task-lists, Weather and more. The Live Information Center combines multiple widgets to offer you a holistic view of live updates on events for the day. 

    Organize and sync your To-Do lists straight from your iPhone

    inkcase i7 plus displaying time with the clock widget
    Syncs your iPhone Reminder app for your latest tasks.

    Track your fitness activities on the go

    man holding onto the inkcase i7 plus with iphone 7 plus outdoor
    InkCase i7 Plus uses data from the iPhone Health app and displays it on the back of your iPhone. We aim to let InkCase encourage you to lead a healthier life by reinforcing your accomplishments for the day. Get better insights of yourself with the Health App integration.

    Fully customizable widgets to make the InkCase unique to yourself

    iphone 7 plus showing the inkcase app for ios, with customisable widgets
    Customize your InkCase i7 Plus the way you want it. Switch between various beautifully designed clock interface. Save your iPhone's precious battery life as you no longer need to switch it on to see the time. 

    Sync news from the browser or any news app

    read news articles with inkcase
    Save articles to the InkCase i7 Plus wirelessly. Because InkCase is so pocketable, we want to let you read your news on it. Therefore, we created the Read It Later function which seamlessly allows your curated articles and News can be synced automatically for offline reading. 

    Self-learning algorithm that automatically pushes news to you based on your reading habits.

    read news articles with inkcase
    Distraction-free reading experience by removing pesky advertisements. To make things even better, we are introducing a brand new function that automatically syncs your articles based on your favorite news genre. 

    Raised lips to prevent scratches on both screens

    raised lip for added protection for your iphone
    InkCase i7 Plus vs others
    technical specifications for the inkcase i7, inkcase i7 plus and kindle

    Designed for iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 8 Plusinkcase i7 plus with iphone 7 plus and iphone 6 plus

     InkCase i7 Plus fits iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 8 Plus.


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