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Tenvis HR Lite - Smart Band With BPM Heart Rate Monitor
Tenvis HR Lite - Smart Band With BPM Heart Rate Monitor
Tenvis HR Lite - Smart Band With BPM Heart Rate Monitor
Tenvis HR Lite - Smart Band With BPM Heart Rate Monitor
Tenvis HR Lite - Smart Band With BPM Heart Rate Monitor

Tenvis HR Lite - Smart Band With BPM Heart Rate Monitor

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Tenvis HR Lite shows call & message notifications, monitors heart rate 24/7 and many other daily applications. Supports Apple Health, Google Fit & WeChat Running.

Tenvis HR with 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

Tenvis HR Lite features full 0.87" TFT display screen for better display. An integrated wrist detection system that monitors heart rate 24/7.


  • Inbuilt USB Charger
  • TFT 0.87" Display
  • 3 axis G Sensor
  • Fatigue Tester
  • Sleep Mode
  • Weekly Health Report
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Touch Key Interface
  • IP67 Rating Water Resistance
  • 14 Days Battery Life


Integrated USB Charger

TFT 0.87" Display

Large 0.87" TFT display with customize-able layouts, easy-to-use user interface and displays notifications (up to 50 characters) in any language. Side scrolling icons for navigation. Switch between time display formats (AM/PM or 24HR).


One-Touch Key Interface


Single touch-button system to navigate and select. Designed for minimal efforts to use and maximum functionalities and convenience. Large OLED screen for the best UI experience on a smart-band. Complexity meets simple interface for maximum functionality.

3 axis G-sensor

Axis G sensors accurately calculates speed acceleration for better step recording experience. Updates counter during active mode and after standby mode.


Activity Tracking

Perfect companion for smart and healthy living. Choose to allow notifications from selection of social media apps, receiving calls and SMSes. Stay in and connected while staying out and active. With smart assistance, Tenvis HR boosts functionality, convenience and quality the next level.
Features include Calorie monitor, Pedometer step tracker, Fitness and fatigue level reports and much more.


Call & Text Notifications

Receive call and text message notifications on-the-go.
Keep in touch always, stay available and connected with Tenvis HR Lite. Allow specific selection of social media notifications to receive on. Supports call and SMS notifications extensively, allowing up to 50 characters to be read on Tenvis HR Lite's TFT 0.87" display.



Smart built-in algorithms to "wake" Tenvis HR by reading wrist angle movement. Saves battery when you are not looking. Only wakes when prompted or looked at. Tiny details matter and this function allows Tenvis HR to go a long way.


14 Days Battery Life

Long-lasting battery life to keep you connected for longer while you are on-the-go. Built-in algorithms to save power when not in use. Staying active and accessible longer with minimal effort.


Find Function

Tenvis HR finds your 'lost' smartphone and vice versa. Hate waking up and struggling to find your phone? Tenvis HR helps you find your phone with "Find" function. No more scouring, looking for your smartphone with assistance of Tenvis HR.

sleeping with tenvis

Improved Sleep Quality Analysis

Calculates and reports fatigue level based on sleeping habits. Complex algorithm built into Tenvis HR mobile app, drawing sleep, steps and heart rate data to create a comprehensive health report and keeps you up-to-date with fitness and health.


tenvis ios and android

Compatible with both iOS and Android

Pair up the Tenvis HR with the Tenvis HR APP to view and manage your daily & weekly activity. Personalize the metrics that you want to track. The application reports your heart rate, steps taken, sleep cycle, calories burnt and more.

Supports Apple Health, Google Fit & WeChat Running


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