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Omniband HR+ Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor - Oaxis - The Official Maker of InkCase and the brand owner of myFirst - A brand new collection for kids

Omniband HR+ Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

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Introducing the All New OmniBand HR+ with Color Display

Omniband HR+ Color Display fitness tracker
Omniband HR+ introduces an all-new full-color LCD screen. The most accurate Heart Rate monitor now made better with continuous recording. The smartest sports mode featuring Steps-Per-Minute for detailed fitness tracking. Intuitive notifications for your calls and messages. 


  • Color LCD Screen
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitor
  • Maximum Heart Rate Alert
  • Step counter, Calories, Distance
  • Sports Mode
  • Automatic Sleep Pattern Monitor
  • Adaptive Screen Brightness
  • Graphical Data Analysis
  • Tilt-to-Wake
  • Push Notifications for Calls & Messages
  • Alarm Reminders
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • 14 Days Battery

Oaxis Omniband HR+ step counter, color screen, health apps 

Maximum Heart Rate Alert 

 When your heart rate reaches the maximum rate, a continuous vibration alert will sound off and stops only when your heart rate lowers to your safe zone.
Oaxis Omniband HR+ Heart Rate Monitor

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

Round the clock, Omniband HR+ monitors your vital statistics. Monitor your heart rate patterns through the cleverly designed Trend overview. It is important to have a good mix of both active heart rate and recovery cycle for a healthy lifestyle

Oaxis Omniband HR+ Fitbit surge, fitbit blaze

 Sports Mode 

For the morning brisk walk or evening jog, activate sports mode to have an in-depth understanding of your fitness activities. Sports mode will automatically measure your Distance, Duration, Heart Rate, Calories and Steps Per Minute. Data from each session is cleverly curated into a graphical table for detailed analysis.

OAXIS Omniband HR+ fitness workout routine best fitness band


Steps Per Minute (SPM)

Sports mode helps you keep track of your Steps Per Minute (SPM) data to better optimize each run. Sports science has evolved over the years with elite runners placing heavy emphasis on regulating their Stride Per Minute for a more efficient run. 

Omniband HR+ Oaxis Sports mode exercise healthy living greens

 Large Vivid Color Display

Omniband HR+ displays sharp images on its LCD screen with animated icons. Switch between screens for workout information via the touch button.
Oaxis Omniband+ HR color screen fitness tracking with heart rate monitor

Adaptive Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is adjusted automatically based on your ambient lighting. Night mode is automatically switched up to help you save battery.
omniband hr+


Our state-of-the-art gyroscope based pedometer algorithm not only provides accurate fitness analysis, we have also designed it to significantly improve your life. Our AI learns from thousands of wrist movements to accurately predict your actions. Based on your wrist moments, the Omniband HR+ automatically turns on its screen to feed you your desired information. 
omniband HR+ tilt-to-wake

Water and Dust Resistant

Omniband HR+ goes wherever you need it. Rated with a IP67 dust and water resistant shell, Omniband HR+ is sure to perform at its peak in all conditions. 
water resistant ip67 omniband HR+ fitness band

Push Notifications for Calls & Messages

Connect to your smartphone wirelessly and receive notifications for your calls and messages. Never miss the most important details! 
omniband hr+ oaxis asia pte ltd

Alarm Reminders

Never miss your most important details! Get reminded of when to take your medicine with Omniband HR+. Store up to 5 alarms

15 Days Battery

With 15 days between charges, you will never have to worry about running out of battery!

iOS and Android Compatible

 Pair up the Omniband HR+ with the Omniband HR+ APP to view your daily activity and personalize the metrics that you want to track. The application tracks your heart rate, steps taken, sleep cycle, calories burnt and more.
android app for oaxis omniband HR+
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