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Guide Your Kids With The New Norm Once School Reopens

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Parents, schools all across the world are starting to reopen, as countries lift their lockdowns. So parents, now you have a huge responsibility to guide your kids with this new norm once they go back to school. It is stated, we have to live with this virus and get used to this new norm till a vaccine is found. Till then learn to stay safe and stay healthy although we have to meet and greet with others out there. Just maintain your distance with each and other and keep your hygiene by the bay, then everything will be alright.

Now, let’s see some simple guidelines that you can teach your kids how to practice this new norm. 

1. Mind the Social Distancing

Social distancing is a requirement to keep a distance from others to limit the spread of the virus. If schools are required to remain open, all children should be educated over this matter. Either parents or teachers should be responsible to teach the young kids on social distancing as we all understand young kids are a little hard to get them on the track. Yet with each and other’s help, all the kids are able to adapt this new norm into their daily life. In some countries, the school had to adapt to new rituals, with parents dropping them off at a distance. Classrooms were half full to reduce crowding and desks spaced two metres (6.5 feet) apart. We believe all the schools also practice this kind of norm to ensure the safety of the children.

Children are social distancing classroom

2. Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer is a MUST

Parents, make sure you send your kids with these two important things in their bag. It is a MUST to have a mask and a bottle of sanitizer with them. Just tag them in their bag. Educate your kids to sanitize their hands as frequently as they can. Certain schools have disinfectant gel dispensers at the doorways so kids are able to use that disinfectant gel once they are in and out of their classroom. 

3.Temperature Check 

The WHO guidelines state that anyone, pupils or teachers showing symptoms of fever, flu or cough can be tested for COVID-19. Hence, parents, before you send your kids to school, ensure you check their temperature before they leave from their home. Through this, you can make sure whether your kid is fine enough to attend the school and once they reach their school do keep a habit to ask how your kids are doing. Making this into the habit, you can figure out how healthy your kids are in the school zone.

Mother checking son temperature

Let all of us join our hands to be a responsible citizen to help our younger generation to fight this pandemic and together help all teachers to ease their burden in taking care of our children too. Now all of us must make sure that the reopening of schools goes smoothly for the children in order for them to continue their studies without any issue.

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