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The 8 Best Exercises To Do With Children

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Creating time for kids is a struggle for many parents, especially with work and other commitments. However, if you always find time for a workout session, you can leverage that time to include the kids. Besides, exercise is beneficial for them too. They need strong muscles and bones, keep away diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes as well as depression and anxiety.

Kids Exercising with Mother

We all know that kids get bored really fast, so you need to think creatively about the exercises that you can do together. They don’t need to see it as a chore, otherwise, they will dread exercise time. Instead, turn it into a session filled with fun activities that you both will love. Here are 8 exercises that you and your kids will enjoy.

1. Bike riding

Biking might appear simple and ordinary to the kids, but with a few tweaks, you can have both of you enjoying the exercise. Start by creating a biking terrain at the backyard, your kids will love racing each other with their bikes. Alternatively, head to the nearest bike trails or woods to have a ride while enjoying the fresh air. Besides strengthening your muscles, you will have your minds refreshed and stressed kept at bay.

Kids have a lot of energy, and they can keep riding for a very long time without tiring. You, on the other hand, might find keeping up with them is an uphill task. Invest in a motorized bicycle kit to convert your bike into a motorized bike. That way, you will be able to race with your kids for a long time without being exhausted.

2. Running

Kids run all the time. They are always chasing each other down the stairs or hallway or even in the streets. Why not turn their much-loved activity into an exercise that you can enjoy as a family. The trick is to include fun games in the running. Great examples include timed relays, tag games, and other games such as Mother, May I, or What Time Is It, Mr. Fox. The idea is to get them running for those strong bones and muscles.

Kids Running

3. Skipping

Skipping is a great exercise for kids since it engages the brain fully, improving its functioning while at it. Make it fun by competing for who lasts the longest on the rope. Alternatively, ditch the rope and just do some hopping and skipping around your backyard or field.

4. Bear and crab walks

Crab walk involves walking with all fours, but your front facing up. You sit down and put your hands behind, lift the hips, and start moving. It is more like mimicking a crab, which results in a funny posture. This game will have all of you laughing your hearts out, which is healthy as well. Alternatively, flip it to have a bear walk, which is equally fun.

5. Jumping

Just like running, kids love jumping up and down as well. Jumping helps in building muscle strength and improving endurance. Make it fun by incorporating different types of jumping such as tuck jumps, jumping jacks, criss-cross fit jump, one-foot hop, and hurdle jumps.

6. Floor exercises

Sit-ups are great at working the core and strengthening the upper body. To make more fun and engaging for all of you, take turns to hold each other’s feet down for the much-needed support. You can include other floor exercises such as crunches, push-ups, and planks.

Mother and Daughter Exercising7. Squats

Squats are another great exercise that you can do with your kids. These work the leg muscles and build endurance for rigorous sports activities. Add some engaging moves to make the session fun. You can have them jump up and squat when they get back down or hop and squat.

8. Flying Superman

Kids love Superman stories. How about imitating a superman flying through the air? Teach them how to do it by lying on your belly, lift your feet and arms up in the air like you are flying. You will all benefit from the strengthened neck, glutes, and back.

Including your kids when you are exercising allows a good bonding session for you all as a family. If you have been struggling with finding things to do, the above exercises will surely be an inspiration.

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