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Our Brand Story


Founded in 2010, OAXIS ASIA Pte Ltd has garnered numerous design awards for our groundbreaking innovations, namely the InkCase technology, which won multiple design awards in 3 consecutive years.

OAXIS originates from the word "oasis," a place in a desert with water denoting vitality, vigour and hope. The logo forms an infinity sign (∞) with the letters "O" and "A", representing the continuous pursuit of the limitless potential in technology.

inkcase on office work desk

Breaking boundaries is what we do. We live and breathe design. OAXIS is a design driven brand constantly seeking breakthroughs in innovation, creative thinking and problem-solving.

In doing so, we hope to improve your life through our designs, one product at a time. 



myFirst is a brand new collection for kids by Oaxis. myFirst was conceptualized to bridge the void in kid's technology where kid's toys are often limited to physical backdated toys. We recognize the need for kids to engage with technological advancements which helps in their cognitive learning ability. myFirst aims to enrich a child's learning process by molding experiences through fun and innovative products.

myFirst is a brand new collection by Oaxis for kids and teens. Focusing to bridge the void of electronic devices that provide parents with Assurance, Safety and Engaging Fun for their child.


myFirst aims to reinvent the way kids learn – while embracing the technological era. myFirst is designed to act as a gateway to your child’s learning process. Join us as we align the building blocks for building big minds!



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