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InkCase for Huawei P8 (Android)

  • $3900
  • Save $9000

  • Battery Saver -Most of the text reading in emails, messages or news are in Black and White. Therefore, we don't need to turn on the power hungry color LCD display. Turning on the main LCD panel of the phone generally consumes up to 50% of the smartphone battery during reading.
  • It is always ON - Print screen or transfer your to-do-list, shopping list or boarding pass to the InkCase. You don't need to keep turning on your smartphone to look for those information in different applications. Image or text displays will be retained even with the absence of power source, unless it is being refreshed.
  • Personalization -You can customize your phone protective case with use the InkCase to display up to 10 of your favorite pictures on the InkCase.
  • Reading - You will be able to read your favorite literature from the InkCase without sacrificing your smartphone battery life. Read up to 10 hours or 3400 pages with a single charge! Your phone alone will never be able to let you do so!
  • Sport - Need not worry about sweaty palms & the weather, even under strong sun light you can check your workout progress both outdoors and indoors. Keep your valuables and fragile smartphone in your waist bag or pouch when working out or running. Weigh less than 45g and only 5mm in thickness, it is light-weight and compact enough. Grasp it in your hand while running or simply mount it on the bicycle.




  • OAXIS InkCase P8, a companion for Android 4.0 or above Smart Phone, black color, with built in battery, processor and 4.3 inch E-ink panel. 
  • It can transfer picture, text or photo from your smart phone to InkCase via bluetooth. Flash any picture you like, anyway you like it. 
  • It turns out to be a portable ebook reader with InkCase app. You can read your favorite ebook anywhere, even outdoors under the bright sun. 
  • It is an always on display with low battery consumption. 
  • You can pick up/ hang up incoming calls with InkCase Plus directly. And control your music playbacks without turning on the phone's app. It is the best buddy for your phone. 


  • Designed for Huawei P8 Android smartphone 
  • Screen: 4.3 inch E-ink panel 
  • Weight: 51g 

Packing Included:

  • Oaxis InkCase P8
  • User Manual 
  • Warranty Card 
  • USB Cable


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