Limited time promo! Free InkCase IVY with every InkCase i7. Fits iPhone 8/7/6
InkCase i7 with large E Ink screen for photos, ebooks, news and many more
Drop-proof case
4 colors InkCase IVY for iPhone 8/7/6
E Ink screen for to-do lists and notifications
InkCase IVY Black with Rosewood texture
InkCase i7 + InkCase IVY White
InkCase i7 + InkCase IVY Black with Wood
InkCase i7 + InkCase IVY White with Wood


InkCase i7 & InkCase IVY Bundle for iPhone 8/7/6

Limited time only! Ships worldwide
Limited time promotion bundle. Purchase InkCase i7 and get InkCase IVY (usual price $69) for FREE. Fits iPhone 8/7/6.

Unbox Therapy video review for InkCase i7

Link: InkCase i7 for iPhone 8/7/6
InkCase i7  is arguably the best mobile phone case ever made. It brings your iPhone to life in amazingly powerful ways. Relive your best memories with the Customizable Photo Wallpaper. Immerse yourself into the story of your favorite eBooks with its large 4.3" E Ink screen. Live Information Center keeps you updated through the day with calendars and to-do lists. All of these while staying connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

InkCase IVY video review

Link: InkCase IVY for iPhone 8/7/6
InkCase IVY helps get you through the day with its smaller 2.13" E Ink Screen. Display to-do lists, agendas, clock and notifications. All InkCase comes with a drop-proof case that is certified to protect your iPhone from drops up to 2.4m high.