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Omniband+ Fitness Band

  • $3900


Cultivate your healthy habits

Omniband+ is designed for Maximum functions with Minimum hassles. It fits active personnel of all ages. Track essential information with a sharp display screen. Have a deeper understanding of your daily activities. 


OLED screen

With a resolution of 128 x 32 on a 0.91" OLED screen, Omniband+ recreates sharp images on a fitness wrist strap. Displaying ready information such as the clock, steps, calories, alarm, distance and much more. 

Ultra-long battery

With over two months of standby time from a single charge, you get to curate a more accurate data feed to have a deeper understanding of daily activities.


Well calibrated steps tracker provides users with near precise accuracy. Allowing users to monitor their daily activities and motivating users to achieve their goals. 

Calories consumption

Using Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Omniband+ provides users with insights to their calories exhaustion via a daily overview. 

Sleep pattern monitor

Omniband+ monitors sleeping habit and provide insights to the quality of your sleep. Helping you to develop better sleeping habits. 

Designed to express yourself

Omniband+ comes in many different colors. The bands can be easily swapped on a daily basis, giving it a new look in just a few seconds. 

Alarm function

Ger reminded of the important things by setting an alarm notification. Omniband+ will notify you with a silent vibration. 

Wireless synchronization

Sync activities data wirelessly to any iOS or Android enabled smartphones to receive calls and message alerts. 

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