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Fun Family Activities for the weekend!

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With increasingly prevalent gadgets and tech updates, the old school method of going out to play is decreasing by the day. Coupled with ever-increasing criminal activity, it seems that parents these days would rather have their kids indoors, safe and glued to their screens. The problem arises when the scales tip the other way.

Kids are now just stuck on smartphones, laptops and tablets, like bees to honey. It's not good for a child's development if he/she's constantly watching youtube or just playing some game on their devices. Parents need to step up their game and utilise whatever time they can to make sure they are part and reason for their child to grow and learn in a conducive, safe and proper manner. To put it simply. 'Parents, spend time with your children.'

In the spirit of that, we've compiled some activities for your parents to do as a family activity. Note that these activities would be ideal for the weekends as everyone is busy on the weekdays. It's also perfect to tackle those lazy Sundays

1. Reading!

(source:- https://www.123rf.com/photo_15957550_illustration-of-a-family-reading-a-book-together.html illustration purposes only)

A good book will cultivate even the laziest of minds. Reading helps build vocabulary, thus enhancing the way you write and converse with people. Research shows that reading not only helps with fluid intelligence but with reading comprehension and emotional intelligence as well. You make smarter decisions about yourself and those around you. This is critical in a child's development and its a healthy habit for parents to emulate as this world is flooded with technology. If paperbacks aren't your thing, you could use an e-book device such as Kindle or a reading app on your phone. The important thing is to read!

2. Create a fingerprint family tree

(source:- https://www.freeart.com/artwork/art-print/family-tree-fingerprint-illustration-design_fa16192819.html illustration purposes only)

I think its really important for a child to know his/her family. This is a fun activity to do with the kids so the whole family can bond. An interesting method would be to make a thumbprint tree. Basically, you draw, or print out a generic tree, then, put a fingerprint as a leaf next to your name. It's simple, but meaningful and parents can tell their kids fun stories of their younger days. It can also make for a more personal home if you put that up on a wall.

3. Baking 

(source:- https://www.123rf.com/photo_91085222_happy-asian-family-holding-red-hearts-shape-while-baking-cookies-and-cakes-in-the-kitchen-together-.html ilustration purposes only)

This is a great way to teach kids the joys of baking. It's especially fun for the kids as they can play with the dough to make shapes and some cool animal cookies! Oh, and who doesn't remember the time mama let you lick the spoon. mmhm! It's also great for moms to pass on tradition and recipes to the kids. Dads could also show kids how to bake a shepherds pie. That's a win-win for everyone!

4. Bowling

(source:- https://www.123rf.com/photo_101872728_happy-family-sitting-on-floor-in-bowling-club.html illustration purposes only)

Bowling is a fun thing to do for almost every age, even for the younger children! No matter who wins, there’s guaranteed to be a lot of laughter and jokes. You never know, your kids could grow up to love it and one day end up becoming a professional, or just doing it on a more serious level.

5. Gardening

(source:- https://www.canstockphoto.com/happy-family-in-garden-28321970.html illustration purposes only)

We know you love to keep a beautiful garden. Why not get the kids on it? Gardening is a great activity to release stress and to get your kids to love the outdoors. It's a great educational tool as well. You can teach your kids the various plants and how to tend to them. It's also a great way to get all hands on deck to clean out those stubborn weeds!

6. Board/Card games

(source:- https://kidspot.co.nz/family-time/best-board-games-for-kids/ illustration purposes only)

Sometimes we need to put the gadgets down, turn off the tv, and get down with some oldskool board or card games. I still remember 'Happy Family' and 'Donkey' being the highlight of my growing up. Also, who wouldn't remember 'Monopoly' being the absolute family breaker! I remember when the full family would get together and we cousins would spend an entire night just playing Monopoly. Fights, shouting, board flipping was all routine whenever Monopoly was involved but we look forward to playing it every time! Now if you want a less 'intense' game, I recommend 'Twister'. It's a fun way to get everyone on the floor, or in this case, a mat to play and get bonded. Literally! Left hand on red! 'Jenga' or 'Uno Stacko' is also a great game that improves your focus, hand-eye coordination and steadiness.

7. Visit places

(source:- https://www.canstockphoto.com/zoo-6960965.html illustration purposes only)

I'm sure you guys know of a public zoo or museum nearby. So why not bring your kids for a quick getaway? A zoo is the perfect place to see and learn about animals. Kids would enjoy the petting place where they could touch cute, furry creatures and learn through the senses. A museum is one where kids could learn about the past, important events and see what items our predecessors have made before us. I know I was intrigued by what my ancestors did before the turn of the technological era. Finally, if these 2 options fail, a simple trip to the park for a walk would do just fine.

So these are just a handful of suggestions by us to give you some inspiration of what to do with the family on the weekend. Hopefully, you will make great use of that time to strengthen your familial bonds and to create a happy, healthy and fun home!

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