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What to look out for when purchasing a phone case?

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So you just got your new iPhone and you want to start accessorising to protect it from and dents and scratches. With so many choices of phone cases around, what do you look out for when purchasing a phone case?

Slim vs thick cases

It is a trade-off between the level of protection and the sleekness the phone cases give to your phone. A bulkier phone case will equate to better overall protection for your phone, usually making it drop-proof (sometimes waterproof). The slimmer your phone case, on the other hand, gives you a better-looking carry, definitely a more pleasant piece to carry around and to show off!

Adding additional features to your already smartphone

There are many phone cases out there that add additional functions to your phone. The common ones include a 2-in-1 power bank battery case and also wallet cases that let you carry your cards and cash with your phone.


InkCase for iPhone

The InkCase is a one of a kind phone case for iPhones to add a working second screen to the back of your phone. This screen can display useful information with widgets, to read news and eBooks as well as displaying a customisable black and white wallpaper.

Style and individuality

Depending on individuals, your phone case reflects your personality! Some prefer a simple, clean looking case while others prefer really colourful cases with graphics of your favourite superhero or football club.

These are the basic things that we look out when purchasing a phone case. What else do you look out for? Let us know in the comment section below!

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