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Best Camera for Kids 2021 by Oaxis myFirst

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It's challenging to choose the best camera for kids. Some kids just embark their journey into the photography world but some kids are very well experience in the field of photography and wanting to explore with more modes and manual controls in the cameras’.

Just unleash your kids’ inner artist by giving them their own camera. The best camera for kids that we could provide them should be simple, fun, and educational! Hence, we've compiled a list Oaxis myFirst cameras’, ranging from basic to advance to make sure parents choose the right camera according to their kid’s preferences.


myFirst Camera

myFirst Camera 1

We have few hot selling kids camera that will be loved to be used by your kids. myFirst Camera is our very first camera that have a created a special attachment among the toddlers. This is because, the mini camera is perfectly sized for smaller hands and is gorgeous to look at it. It is so perfect to be used by kids aged 3 to 5 years old.

At this time, we'd like to thank Expert Photography for reviewing and recommending the myFirst Camera that best meets the needs of the kid you're purchasing for!


myFirst Camera 2

myFirst Camera 2 - Kids Camera with waterproof case

Meanwhile, a big thank you to Digital Camera World, the home of digital photography for a very well-rounded and thorough review of our myFirst Camera 2. Our myFirst Camera 2 is one of the best kids camera to be used.

This 8MP camera with video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is perfectly intended for kids aged 5 to 9, and comes with a decent set of features to keep the kids mind occupied. The blue, pink, and yellow casing with Lego-like bricks on top is one of the appealing designs that keeps the kids to be engaged with myFirst Camera 2. Isn’t it the design is so unique to be own?

An appeal of this kids camera is that this camera can be used for underwater photography. This IPX8 waterproof kid camera made with reinforced high strength polymers for underwater and additional drop protection. IPX8 waterproof of myFirst Camera 2 can be used up to 3 meters underwater for 180 minutes. But parents, make sure you check the waterproof casing is highly secured before diving into the pool!

Amazon customer we are very sure you will be keen to purchase the myFirst Camera 2 as we are listed in top 50 in Underwater Photography Cameras by Amazon. You may purchase myFirst Camera 2 right in our Amazon store.


myFirst Camera 3

myFirst Camera 3 - kids camera

Moving on to myFirst Camera 3, we would love to thank you Techradar for the impressive product review you shared to the readers on myFirst Camera 3 which is a cute camera to be used by kids aged 9 -12 years old which has a sturdy body and it made from a mix of plastic and silicone. At just 82g, it is handy and lightweight while its compact body is perfect for kids to handle it well. A selfie lens and a macro lens are included with this camera. With the new macro lens on our camera, your kids can now shoot close-up photos without any difficulty. We'll also include a cute shockproof pouch that can withstand drops, bangs, and bumps. Definitely it is likeable by all kids out there.


myFirst Camera Insta 2

myFirst Camera Insta 2

Last but not least, with instant printing features, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 has proved to be one of the favourite tech toys among parents and kids to capture and collect memories, well, as the name goes, almost instantly! With preloaded fun filters and a 12MP lens, children are able to snap fun and lively images with this amazing camera making it the toy sought after for your kid’s wonderful imaginary world.

Techradar has also recognised myFirst Camera Insta 2 as an alternative and versatile spin on instant film for little ones. Thank you once again, Techradar!


myFirst Insta XXX

With this amazing kids’ instant camera, we are also excited to launch a new model of myFirst Insta series this end of year. We are not sure on how does this camera looks like, but we can assure it is going to double the fun than what we have now. We have even heard that our latest version of this kids instant camera comes with a striking and amazing colours to choose around. Stay tune with us for the exciting launch!


All Oaxis products including the best kids camera are available for online purchase on the, Oaxis Store, Amazon, Lazada Singapore and Shopee Singapore!

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