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Best Tech Toys Chosen by Dads!

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The Dadsnet Awards 2021 has awarded four myFirst products for this year’s best toys in multiple categories! Raving the Gold, Silver and the Bronze awards, myFirst is proud to be given the seal of approval by the dads of the famous parenting website, The Dadsnet!

The Dadsnet Awards 2021

Just like myFirst, The Dadsnet was established by fathers who are dedicated to give the best of everything to their kids. From infants to teenagers, these dads want to hand-pick the best toys that will help their child’s growth and development. The Dadsnet Awards have becoming highly valued and appreciated among other yearly kids and children’s awards.


Dads are making more purchasing decisions than ever before. Especially when it comes to tech and gadgets, it is mostly them who would take charge, and being recognised as one of the best brand for kids tech by these group of dads,  who judged the products through a fair and honest process providing integrity, credibility and reliability, is one of the best achievements myFirst has garnered so far.


Gold Award

myFirst Camera 2

For the Gold award in Best Tech Toy and Best Imaginary Toy category, myFirst Camera Insta 2 has received an astounding achievement with the instant printing features, it has proved to be one of the favourite tech toys among dads to snap and keep priceless memories, well, as the name goes, instantly! The preloaded fun frames and a 12MP lens, allows kids to capture fun and quirky images with this amazing camera, best part of all, in high quality too!


Silver Award

The Silver award goes to both the myFirst Fone R1 and the myFirst Sketch Book! It is no surprise that these two gadgets won the hearts of the Dadsnet community to be one of the best tech toys with its practicality and functions.

myFirst Fone R1

Extremely useful for geo-fencing and keeping your kids in a safe bubble, the myFirst Fone R1 did not just bring in the award for Best Tech Toy category, but the Best Outdoor Toy too! myFirst is the best selling watch phone seller for kids, proven by the GFK report to be the No. 1 Watch phone Brand in Singapore. Dependable and trustworthy, the myFirst Fone R1 could be simply said to be one of the best tech toys in SIngapore! Now, who would not love that?

myFirst Sketch Book

Launched officially earlier this year, the myFirst Sketch Book has managed to receive its first award for being the Best Tech Toy and also the Best Arts & Crafts Toy. The myFirst Sketch Book will aid kids in doing fine-motor skills activities. This will not only help to enhance their creative skills, but their hand-eye coordination will also improve along the way. Being a paperless solution with instant digitisation for kids and for adults alike, the Sketch Book deserves to be recognised and should be the go-to paper replacement for kids worldwide as it is one of the myFirst inventions which is heading towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for Quality Education, Climate Action and also Life on Land.


Bronze Award

Last but definitely not the least, the myFirst BC Wireless Headphones raked in the Bronze award for Best Tech Toy and also Best Educational Toy! Definitely one of myFirst’s best creations using bone conduction technology, the myFirst BC Wireless Headphones was built specifically for the budding ears in mind! Putting the concern of safety and comfort for the tiny user’s eardrums first, it is no wonder why the dads absolutely loved this innovative product for their children!

myFirst Headphone BC Wireless


All myFirst products including the winners, myFirst Insta Camera 2, myFirst Fone R1, myFirst Sketch Book and myFirst BC Wireless Headphones are available to purchase online on the myFirst official storeOAXIS storeShopeeLazada, and also Amazon!

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