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Fun-Filled Activities Can be Done During Lockdown

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Being cooped inside doesn’t have to mean being bored. Parents can always make wonders by creating or joining with their children for fun activities. The prospect of this lockdown will last at least for few weeks at home without any playdates in the playground in order to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

We have to brain out to build our day to day physical activity by maintaining our social distance with others. Which means we have to do activities with our children by staying indoors ONLY. Hence, we would like to share some worthy activities that can be done while you stay under the roof.

We would start from toddlers as they are the one will be easily affected by Covid-19. Toddlers always eye on small objects and usually will reach out for things that are very close to them. So, try to create a small space for them to do their activities. Activities that will attract them would be such as colouring, differentiate objects and shape and help to arrange petty things together with their parents. Keeping them active is one of the best ways to protect them from any virus to near them.

Children playing with colours

Moving on the children from age four to twelve, they can have more activity to do with parents. This age of group usually will be more curious and wish to explore more and more. Let them draw pictures, set up their own world involving dinosaurs, barbies’ and trucks. Trust me they will eventually spend their whole day in that world of their own.

Children in this era love to spend more longer time on screens compared to books. So, parents should break their screen time and get their children involved with more activities that need interaction. Through this, children will understand what do their parents need from them and it could be in anything. Parents may assign their children to help out in cleaning their home, do some gardening, prepare small meals, and do baking with parents. Children will be able to do all of these works independently with the least supervision.

Gardening with Family

Parents hold a huge responsibility to turn over the lockdown into positive plans. Parents could do a huge makeover to their own sweet home together with their children. Allow your children to explore more and experience things all by themselves. Let them sing around, read books and do some simple indoor exercise. Just set some fun, creative and educational projects for them to beat the boredom while we hope everyone stay safe at their respective home in order to overcome Covid-19.

Other activities to be done

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