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Functional phone cases to make your smartphone smarter

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I don't know about you but the phone cases I own usually adds a feature or two to my smartphone. Here are some features that phone cases out there can add to your mobile buddy.

Battery pack

charger battery phone case

If you are constantly using your phone during your travel/commute, you realise that your battery drains like how your teacher drains your energy going on and on about mathematical formula; fast. Really fast. Battery cases give additional juice to your mobile phone, ensuring you to have enough charge to last your day.


iphone case with mirror

Putting make up on the go all the time? Touching up halfway during an important date? Never be caught without a pocket mirror ever! This phone case packs a mirror at the back of your phone so you will have a mirror every time you need one.

Second screen


If you are obsessed about making the most of your time, being a super productive person, a second screen on your phone may just do the trick. You can catch up on the last book you read and news article while commuting. Useful information are communicated to you on a widget dashboard so you will be able to better plan your activities throughout the day.


iphone wallet case

Wallet cases are the most common of all because people are carrying lesser credits cards and cash around. With smartphones being a necessity in the 21st century, it would only make sense to carry your essentials with your phones!

Ultra protection

drop proof and waterproof phone case

This may not be among the cooler features but it certainly saves your phone from becoming a wreck after you dropped it on the road.

Range extender

EMW phone case

This phone case is great if you find yourself hanging out or working in places where wifi signal and 3g signal is very poor. With just a pull on the mechanism, it extends the EM Wave signal by resonating with the mobile phone'e antenna, significantly improving the signal performance.

Passionate photographer

camer lens phone case

#iphonography is actually a thing. People who love taking photos with your mobile phone, you can now further enhance the quality of your photos with unique lenses that you can switch up to experiment different photo effects.


Earphone holder

phone case with earphone winding storage

For commuters who listen to music and travel a lot via public transport, this phone case will be your best friend. Keep your earphones right where it should be, ready when it is needed.

With so many features out there, it is too bad you can't have all of them in one single case! I am sure that some feature-packed phone cases out there have not been mentioned in this article. If you have a cool phone case to introduce, please share it with us in the comment section below!

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