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Instant Camera Instantly Set in the Photographic World

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Nothing is really new of instant camera in the photography industry yet nothing beats an instant camera for retro charm or a fun party piece. It can give you a print of your photograph mere moments after you’ve captured them. Instant camera was introduced in the late 1940s and up today, it remains a popular choice for instant physical prints. Special thanks go to the founder Edwin Land.

Edwin Land went on for holiday with his family and as most fathers do, he took pictures of his children and suddenly his daughter raised a question which made him ponder. She felt very curious about why she couldn’t see the photo immediately.  That’s where Land made his first move to create an instant camera- could say especially for his daughter. In 1984, Land Model 95 made big awe in the photography world.

First Instant Camera

Things were going fine, as Land keeps improvising upon the concept of instant photography with different types of film. In 2001, digital cameras emerged in the market and the instant camera usage came to an end. Consumers were very delighted to capture unlimited photos without bearing the cost of the film. But no worries, on 2004 instant camera gave a big came back and made the photography world to dumbstruck. Kaps, an enthusiastic photographer made the world to turn around to him as he shares out the experiences of getting the picture out from the screen instantaneously. Not only teenagers but fully grown adults are also falling in love with the instant camera up till today.

Children take picture through Instant Camera

Neither grown adult nor teenagers are using an instant camera. Children starting from the age of 4 are capable enough to utilize their own instant camera. Using myFirst Camera Insta, your children are also able to take photos like professionals. Just with a little time and effort, can make wonders on your child’s photography skills. Let your children play around with our latest Camera Insta.

Besides Insta 2, your child can also have fun with technology by exploring with myFirst Drone. Take a look at how our myFirst Drone will take your children out of the atmosphere. 

myFirst Camera Insta - Child's Instant Camera


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