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The iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing purchase in 2018

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Is Touch ID an important function to you?

Since the dawn of the iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone users such as ourselves, have gotten used to Touch ID unlock function. The convenience and experience of having to unlock your phone at a simple touch is irreplaceable.

Arguably, Face ID recognition could replace Touch ID. We wouldn't say that it is any slower or faster when compared to, but that is also based on personal preference and experiences.

At the price of $669 (for new) and avg. $499 (for used), the iPhone 7 Plus packs a different experience for new or old users by offering iOS 12, Touch ID experience, bigger display and better battery life. We could say it is way ahead of its time in iPhone.

We believe in value for money when it comes to smartphone technology and the iPhone 7/7 Plus begs to be paid more attention to.

Check out what YouTuber Nick Ackerman has to say:

The iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing purchase right now!

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