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Let your Child to Grow: Poll Says Parents are the Biggest Obstacles for their Children

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Children are precious gems for their parents. Since the day the child was born, parents will dedicate their whole life to them. Parents have all the rights to design their children’s life path. Yet today’s parents are going to an extreme in order to protect their children from any plight. This is a new kind of parenting style that has made waves which are called snowplow parenting.

Snowplow Parenting

Snowplowing refers to parents who are willing to do anything to eliminate any obstacles for their children instead of training the child to overcome obstacles itself. I do agree, parents, do this out of love, hoping to prevent their child from suffering through the discomfort. Later on, the child may struggle without knowing how to cope with any conflicts, so this parenting style can really curb their self-development.

Parents let’s join hand together to break the pattern of snowplow parenting. If you have been a snowplow parent all this while, it can be tough on how to break free from this. Parents should understand the importance of letting their child gain experience both success and failure in their life. This great experience will bring them to the next level by learning critical social-emotional skills for a healthy life starting from their childhood up to an adult.

Dad teaches the daughter how to take care of themselves

As it is tough for parents to adapt to a new situation by letting go of their children's hands, myFirst has come with watchphone which you can get for your children. myFirst watchphones' works perfectly as a smartphone. Parents can submerge themselves in the environment of their children by hearing the sound of their surroundings in real-time without any notifications on their watchphones. Parents are able to call them from time to time and keep connected with their children. Through this process, parents still can keep in touch with their children while their children are going through the independent phase.

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