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Our Best Gadgets to Play When Kids Are Stuck at Home

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Most of us are still adapting to this ‘new life’ where we spend more time at home with our kids rather than in our cubicles. We are putting our mind and soul to work with you in giving some ideas to keep your children in a place while helping you to reduce your stress. Just spend a few minutes on checking out our gadgets list that matches development stages of play with items that work well for kids from the age of 2 and onwards.

Age 2-3
At this age, children will be more purposeful and fine motor skills are finely developed within them. They will have more tendency to complete small tasks such as complete puzzles and arrange blocks. Nowadays kids love to play around with high-tech gadgets that have real-life effects. One of the gadgets we could suggest is myFirst Camera for your young ones. myFirst Camera is a portable camera that fits in the palm of your child's hand. It comes with 1.5″ colour LCD Screen and is able to capture HD photos with a 5MP camera and transfer via MicroSD card and print out. With this lightweight and long-lasting battery, children will be more active and prone to venture the abilities of their limits.

Age 4-5
It is a good time to introduce interactive educational products that can evaluate their writing and verbal skills. Parents may choose products that can help their children to enhance their writing and drawing skills. Together with that, myFirst Sketch enables and helps children to discover their talent in a confined space, while saving them from a ton of clutter. MyFirst Sketch can fit neatly in a backpack or tote, so your tiny artist can create even more masterpiece on the go.

Kids using myFirst Sketch

Age 6-7
Children at this age will start developing in their own area of interest while they mingle around with their friends and family. Children will love to involve in experiments while gaining an abundance of knowledge and experience within themselves. At this age, kids would like to enjoy computer games, board games and outdoor sports. Many of them are big fans of music-related toys, and myFirst Voice will build up all their confidence in their singing skills. myFirst Voice gives you the experience as though your children are performing in the real stage. Sing along with the built-in wireless speaker and power up your tunes with our proprietary Echo Booster.

Age 8 & Above
As thinking becomes more complex, children start to solve problems by predicting what will happen, rather than simple trial and error. They are keen to do more hands-on activity such as designing, beadings and sometimes imaginative play too. These kinds of activities can sharpen and broaden their memory skills day by day. Children will start to create more detailed artwork too by experimenting with colours and styles and focusing on details. With that, myFirst 3D Pen helps children to create a personalised piece that will build their confidence and give them a final product to be proud of. They can create 3D models as it is easy to use and made with safe materials.

Kids using 3D Pen

Parents and children can try out these fun exciting activities without any regrets. End of the day parents will understand the joy of open-ended activities and how important these activities are for both parents and kids. Just give it a try parents’!

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