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Please know what your kids are watching now!

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In light of the recent "Momo challenge" re-surfacing on the web. It is very important to remind parents the importance of knowing what your child is doing on the internet or on social media sites.
If you are not already aware; Momo challenge is a hoax and urban legend on social media.

What is Momo challenge?

It is reported that "Momo" is a sculpture made by a Japanese artist which shall remain unnamed and targets adolescent or children, enticing them to perform a series of dangerous tasks including violent acts and suicide.
The thought of this notion, popping up on the internet in the middle of videos playing, on publicly accessible sites such as YouTube comes as a great shock to both children and parents alike.
It is very difficult to control the contents what your kids are watching on YouTube/Facebook when given access to. The Momo challenge character is also known to appear on seemingly innocent children cartoons such as Peppa Pig.

What you should do to prevent and avoid this?

It is paramount and emphasized to know what your kids are doing on the web; Especially if given access to Social Media. Kids are naturally curious and are unaware of what the internet could be made of.
Contents uploaded on Social Media could often be masked by a single thumbnail which could easily be mistaken as a "harmless". Parents could easily forget and let harmful content slip through, resulting in fearful and disgusting contents i.e. Momo Challenge to reach children.
As said, videos and pictures cannot be assumed to be safe, just based on the thumbnail of the video. Please remain vigilant and check through the contents before letting your kids watch any video or view pictures on the internet.
Stay vigilant.

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