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All you need to know about the National Day Rally Speech. PM Lee vouched for the Oaxis Omni Band!

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When we were approached by the Health Promotion Board to make and supply over 100,000 fitness bands to Singaporeans, we did not expect our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong to be wearing one and showing it on live television!

PM lee hsien loong holding onto omniband by oaxis

In this year's National Day Rally Speech, PM Lee spoke mainly about improving pre-schools, fighting diabetes, building a smart nation.

Early childhood

Early childhood development is something every young parent is concerned with and by almost doubling the numbers of pre-school places around Singapore, it is definitely assuring to know that our children will have more opportunities to learn and grow.

Fighting diabetes

Based on the speech, 1 in 9 Singaporeans have diabetes. That is a really high number in terms of percentage (a whopping 11%!). To fight the rate of diabetes, PM Lee gave 4 very simple advice: get regular health check ups, exercise more, watch your diet and cut down on your sugar intake. This is when PM Lee pulls out the Oaxis fitness band, the Omni Band

Building a smart nation

If you are a tech geek like us in the Oaxis office, you will be very excited to hear that we are moving towards building a smarter city. Smart street lamps and more accessible cashless transaction points are some of the really exciting things to look forward to in our city. Couponless parking in the city is definitely a welcomed addition too!

Watch the full National Day Rally Speech here.

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