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Survive Working from Home with Your Kids

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Almost a month now, families across the globe are cooped in their home as offices and schools have shut down and strict stay at home restriction have gone into effect in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hence, all of us are staying safe in-home and continue our work from home as usual. Work from home doesn’t make any difference from office work. The only thing is you have to handle your kids instead of handling your staffs.

Hope you guys understand what I’m trying to convey. Working from home can be a perfect experience for you to be productive and deliver good work. Yet when your kids are spending most of their time with you, that’s where the challenges start off! So I would like to suggest some ways that you can balance between work and kids and get more things to be done throughout the day.

Work From Home

1. Communicate with your kids

Before you start your work, have a small talk with your kids assuming they do understand what you are going through the entire of the day. Explain to them what you need to do and you need to be very focused with minimal interruptions. A great explanation will help your child to understand how helpful they can be.

2. Work on a reward basis

Keep your kids occupied by setting some goals. If they meet the target, then they stand a chance to get rewards. You may set any goals or task for them, such as complete their homework, help on house chores or set their bed. Once they earn the rewards, you may grant their wishes as what you have planned for them. Through this, you may spend quality time with them while you are on work.

3. Create to-do-list

Creating a to-do list will be very fun. You can do it on a daily basis by providing your kids with fun-filled activities which can be very engaging for them.  If they are out of tasks, ask them to join together with you and read storybooks while you are doing work. This can help your kids to enhance their reading skills.

A Child is Studying

4. Create a boredom box

Boredom box is a box of crafts that can help your kids to create a project which can cultivate the children’s creativity. Plus, it is a lifesaver for parents who have no idea how to manage their kids. Just put in some papers, glue, stickers, rulers, pencils and colour pencils for your kids to create something from their own creativity. If you are free, you may instruct or give ideas to your kids to draw or build something out of those things.

5. Take small breaks

Parents don’t stay glued on your chair for the sake of work. Get up and do some stretching or small scale of workouts with your kids. Ask your kids to join with you and burn out some fats. Kids make the best workout buddies! So you may tailor your exercise routines to your kids’ abilities. You will never know how flexible they will be!

Good to go now with our suggestion. It will be very helpful for you to deal with your kids till we are free from work from home basis. Parents should always take turns to watch over your kids as they love to seek attention from us. This is one of the way to get things done easily.

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