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Worthwhile Quad-copters Drone for Children

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Holla everyone, hope you all enjoyed my last blog on Instant Camera and got a bigger picture of the fall and rise of an instant camera. Today I’m going to share a little about drone as how it takes a new avatar in the technology world. The drone has become part of the commercial tech race, especially among the young ones.

I do wonder how were things in those days and nowadays. As a little kid, the flying kite was a norm. Then we were introduced to remote controlled cars, aeroplanes and helicopters. Now, at this specific moment, a 6-year-old child is able to fly a drone. Isn’t amazing? It is all about how incredible it is for an item to be useful and fun at the same time. Children are able to learn and adapt knowledge in a fun way.

myFirs Drone

There are parents’ who hesitate to get a drone for their children. But no worries, with the assistance of grownups, children are able to fly the drone all by themselves. Here you go with one of the best and suggested drones for your young ones which are myFirst Drone. This drone is designed especially for children between ages 6 to 12. It is simple to use and safe to fly – the little propellers are housed inside a cage design, so they're enclosed while the drone is in flight. 

There's an altitude sensor, which enables the drone to hover at a maximum height of three meters with a flight time for seven minutes per battery charge. Colourful LED lights are included as it will bring more vivid and vibrant mood to the children. With easy handling, myFirst Drone is a good start for the children to explore hovering technology.

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