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Tenvis Scale - Body Fat Monitor & Weighing Scale - Oaxis - The Official Maker of InkCase and the brand owner of myFirst - A brand new collection for kids

Tenvis Scale - Body Fat Monitor & Weighing Scale

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A weighing scale capable of monitoring body fat and has a high weight limit, Tenvis Scale uses BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology to estimate body fat mass.

Pair it with the Tenvis app to keep track of your fitness!

Keep full track of your health with Tenvis Scale

Tenvis Scale by OAXIS
tenvis scale features

Wireless Transmission & Data Synchronising

Using the Tenvis App, users can upload and track their health using the data sync technology to take the results from the scale and keep it in the app. You can now plan your fitness using the data from the scale. Perfect for stay-at-home mums or dads!


Strong & long-lasting with screen

Tenvis Scale houses a stronger and tougher body which is capable of weighing up to 180kg. The display is LED which is clear to read and consumes less battery. The battery on the scale lasts up to 6-months! Now that is one extra long-lasting battery.

 tenvis scale

Universal units and Unit Accuracy

Tenvis Scale uses both imperial and metric systems, meaning that whether you’re in the US or Asia, reading the Tenvis Scale will be a breeze. The accuracy of the meter is set to 0.1 kgs/0.2 lbs. This means you will get an accurate reading on your scale.


  • Wireless Transmission
  • Data Synchronising
  • Extra Long Battery Life
  • Body Fat Monitoring
  • LED Display
  • Capacity: 3-180kg
  • Unit:kg/lbs