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rachelceditor - July 1 2022

A Parent’s Guide to 3D Printing for Kids

Bring any child’s imagination to life with a stylish and easy-to-use 3D pen for kids. Here’s why 3D printing technology could be a great part of your child’s learning process.

Watching childhood dreams come true is one of the best perks as a parent. With 3D printing technology, anything that your little one can imagine can come to life in physical reality! With the proper tools and know-how, a 3D pen for kids is the perfect addition to your child’s trunk of tech toys.

Let’s dive into more about 3D printing and 3D pens for kids

What is 3D Printing?

The term “printing” may speak for itself. When you print a page on a typical computer, there are two dimensions (front and back of the paag). It’s the 3D, or three dimensional, part that adds a new level to this technology.

Instead of there being a front of the page and back of a page… a 3D printer adds volume or bulk to the design. You can use a 3D printer or 3D pen to create objects like a cup, a pair of glasses frames, or a crazy animal drawing straight out of your kids’ imagination.

How does 3D Printing work?

3D printing works by using a machine or tech tool (like a pen) that adds or deposits thin layers of material slowly over time. This is different from subtracting or cutting pieces out of a block of material. That’s what is most unique about 3D printing.

Objects are created by adding layers during the 3D printing process. This means that the artist or designer has to consider how an object is created in real-time. Every layer provides additional complexity to the creation.

A 3D printer can take hours or days to complete, depending on size and scope of the project. 3D pens make the technology more interactive and can take as little or much time to create a drawing. Multiple colors of filaments can also be used to build a colorful design.

The Benefits of a 3D Pen for Kids

  • Experiment with everyday object design using this unique technology. 3D pens make it easy to see items, toys, and tools from a different perspective.
  • Learn spatial awareness and dexterity. A 3D pen develops fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and other dexterity that kids can make use of moving forward. It also takes some serious creativity to dream up a 3D version of a drawing. This tool can be a great piece in your child’s learning process.
  • Less screen time. While coding and other digital tech use can be a productive and educational piece of your child’s day – parents are always looking for ways to reduce screen time. An analog 3D pen for kids is a great way to unplug while keeping things educational and creative for your little ones
  • Minimal supervision required. Thanks to the ease-of-use of most 3D pens for kids, you can feel comfortable letting a little one use this tool with minimal supervision. Standby to troubleshoot complicated questions about design but feel confident leaving them to their own devices with this tech.

Meet myFirst 3dPen Make – the perfect 3D Pen for Kids!

If you’re looking to add a 3D pen to your kiddo’s toybox, look no further than myFirst 3dPen Make. This pen is designed to add joy and creativity to your child’s learning process with an incredibly easy-to-use 3D pen tool.

Bring your child’s drawings to life with this 3D pen starter kit. The myFirst 3dPen Make tool features a rechargeable battery and allows for rapid solidification of the plastic filaments. It’s also safe to touch with low temperatures only. The filament is a nonadhesive material and can be easily cleaned off. In addition to the pen tool, you can purchase multi-colored filaments that are a biodegradable polyester with a melting point of about 60°C.

The myFirst 3dPen Make is designed to fit easily into a child’s hand and only requires a few buttons to operate. No printing software or any other skills are required aside from “drawing” in 3D with the filament that is used in the pen itself.

The myFirst 3dPen Make comes in two colors and costs $39.90.

myFirst 3dPen Make - 3dPen starter kits for kids

Check out myFirst 3dPen Make

Now that you know about the benefit of 3D pen to kids, it’s time to choose the right one for you and your child. Sign up for the Oaxis newsletter and receive $10 off of your first purchase.