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Leaving children to their own devices

Posted by Aik Shan Eng on

A look at smart wearables designed specifically for youngsters aged four and up

Paul Mah
Tech Editor
South China Morning Post

Published 27 AUG 2018

OAXIS myFirstFone S2

"The Oaxis myFirstFone S2 is a sophisticated smartwatch with a wealth of features designed to keep you in contact with your child. Equipped with 1.3-inch color touch screen, mobile 3G capability for two-way messaging with companion myFirstFone app.

Importantly, the device packs a range of security features such as the current location of your little one, and an 'SOS' button for emergencies. Unlike similar devices on the market that requires subscription fee, the myFirstFone S2 works with a standard nano-SIM card for mobile connectivity.

The myFirstFone S2 uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and location information from the mobile network for a claimed accuracy of 10m even when indoors. To conserve battery, location updates hourly, though you can set it as frequently as every 5 minutes or ask for the current location at anytime.

The myFirstFone S2 has a number of communication options. Pressing the physical SOS button sends an alert to the app with the current location and an audio recording of the next 30 seconds. For non-emergencies, the watch has a messaging function that supports emoticons, photos and voice messages.

Voice calls to predetermined contacts can also be initiated by swiping to the contact icon on the graphical interface. Likewise, guardians can initiate voice calls or video calls - there is a built-in front-facing camera - from the app.

You don't have to worry about unauthorized calls either, as (unknown) numbers are automatically rejected. Finally, there is an option to surreptitiously dial-in and listen through the myFirstFone S2's microphone."

Who should get this?

The myFirstFone S2 is perfect for parents who are concerned about the location of their school-age children or about getting in touch with them. While the device is slightly bulky and warms up slightly when in use, the sheer breadth of features on top of a touted two-day battery life makes for a highly compelling choice. Price: US$149

Published by SCMP Digital Life - OAXIS myFirstFone S2 on 27 Aug 2018

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A good spying gadget on the child wearer

Posted by Aik Shan Eng on

The Oaxis WatchPhone gives parents peace of mind by tracking their child's whereabouts

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Photogenic Kids With myFirst

Posted by Aik Shan Eng on

It has really been a fruitful week. We are very delighted that parents tag us on Instagram, showing their kids' great fashion sense!

Cute clothes and apparels go so well with myFirst Fone in solid black or bright pink!

Worry less about a crowdy weekend on a family day-out with myFirst Fone GPS location tracker: 20-30m accuracy both indoors and outdoors!


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Follow and tag @oaxis.official on Instagram, @_OAXIS on Twitter and @OAXIS on Facebook. Showcase your kids' awesome fashion sense with myFirst Fone!

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Best time to get an Apple iPhone?

Posted by Aik Shan Eng on

It is nearing the end of 2018 and you are looking for a hardware upgrade.

With the new iPhone XR/XS/XS Max released in September 2018; Waves of predictions and articles about price drops for older models of Apple iPhones are pouring in.

We believe that it is more likely of Apple to release a new iPhone after September 2019 the following year, one year after the release of XR/XS/XS Max. We cannot rule out Apple releasing a brand new "iPhone SE" following March 2019.

Also, considering the flood of budget devices available in the market (Xiaomi Pocophone, LEAGOO, Huawei & Samsung). We believe it is safe to say that price drop predictions of older iPhone models, released before September 2017, coming true is very probable as well.

The best time?

If upgrading your iPhone can wait until March 2019, we think that'd be the best. Apple can be unpredictable sometimes, and instead of price-drop, they may release a new "iPhone SE" following March 2019 similar to what was done March 2016.

Considering that the latest iOS 12 is available from iPhone 5s onward, of course.

Let us know what you personally think? Would you get the latest/older iPhone?


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The iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing purchase in 2018

Posted by Aik Shan Eng on

Is Touch ID an important function to you?

Since the dawn of the iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone users such as ourselves, have gotten used to Touch ID unlock function. The convenience and experience of having to unlock your phone at a simple touch is irreplaceable.

Arguably, Face ID recognition could replace Touch ID. We wouldn't say that it is any slower or faster when compared to, but that is also based on personal preference and experiences.

At the price of $669 (for new) and avg. $499 (for used), the iPhone 7 Plus packs a different experience for new or old users by offering iOS 12, Touch ID experience, bigger display and better battery life. We could say it is way ahead of its time in iPhone.

We believe in value for money when it comes to smartphone technology and the iPhone 7/7 Plus begs to be paid more attention to.

Check out what YouTuber Nick Ackerman has to say:

The iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing purchase right now!

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