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myFirst Fone Collection Review

Check out what Media & Influencers have to say about our watch phone for kids!

  • myFirst Fone R1
  • myFirst Fone S2

myFirst Fone R1


Endrino CAT

Needs Of Public


" If you are looking for a good-looking highly-functional contemporary watch for kids which allows you to track them safely while having interactive communication with them, the Fone R1 is a fantastic product. myFirst has put in a lot of design thinking to develop this product. "


" myFirst Fone R1 isn’t just a smartwatch but is also aimed as a security tool to keep the child protected all the time. I tried all the features of the smartwatch, but the Geo-Fencing is just too good. "


" Packed with power features developed especially for the best interests of the junior user, parents can be assured that the watchphone will serve its intended purpose of enabling the child to stay connected with friends and family members at all times. "


" I love the amazing all-in-one device, a combination of phone, music player, camera, clock and GPS tracker. One of the coolest on-the-move entertainment that the kids ever had. "

myFirst Fone S2

AnTien Studio

Mediacorp Channel 8

Nikolas La Rocca - The Unboxr


" A watch that allows the child to make calls, send messages, and take selfies? I think it’s a dream come true for most young kids who aren’t allowed to have their own phones! "


" I guess this is the next best thing besides having a smart phone. You may argue that I could also get a simple and cheap phone like the Nokia 3310 however, I prefer my First Fone as it can be worn by my boy all the time. With a smartphone, it is also prone to misplacing etc. I don’t think you can misplaced a watch unless you remove purposely. "


" I am going to recommend you all to check this out right away. My son has been using it for quite a few months and I haven’t find any flaws in this gadget. "